Just In-Time Training

What is Just-In-Time training?

A three-part training given to all of the staff which introduces them to what they will be doing during their shift as well as an overall briefing on the POD and event status.

  1. Entire POD Staff – 15 Minutes
  2. Command Staff – 20 Minutes
  3. Section Breakout – 20 Minutes

By this time your Command Staff should have arrived. You can check the sign-in station to get their names and call them to the front of the room. These staff members will need to be introduced and will assist you with the “Just-In-Time” Training process. You will also need to locate the COMMAND STAFF PACKET. This has everything each command staff member needs to function in their role.


The County Just-In-Time Training has been written to take a maximum of 1 hour and relay important information which may not be in a staff members Job Action Sheet. During the POD Manager “Just-In-Time” training you will have been given specifics of the situation and what you need to complete your mission. Now it is your turn to relay information to your staff. The training has been written so that even if you get nervous you can simply read it word for word and your staff will get the majority of the information that they need.

The first 15 Minutes consists of:

  1. Briefing everyone on the status of the event and goal of the response. This may include throughput, number of people expected to arrive, etc.
  2. Introducing the Command Staff by name, title, and color of vest.
  3. Quick overview of the Incident Command Structure (always report to your supervisor and information needs to flow up and down the chain of command).
  4. Explain the badge colors and security: Every member is wearing a badge with a colored stripe. This tells what security clearance they have i.e. where in the POD they are allowed to go.
  5. Distributing vests to all POD staff so that they are easily identifiable (these can be found in the POD-in-a-box vest box, green and orange). Usually runners are given a different color from the rest of the staff to insure that they can be spotted at all times. Typically the orange vests are used for runners and green for general staff.
  6. Bring any noted paperwork discrepancies to the attention of all POD staff.
  7. Have the Safety Officer read the Safety section out loud to all staff to inform them of the specific safety issues which may present themselves during the day.
  8. Finally, get the sign in sheet and call roll. Instruct staff members to get into their staff groups and go to their stations to open the station’s packet and start reading the information at the station.

(Anyone not pre assigned with a staff position on the sign in sheet will need to wait until operations are underway and gaps in staffing are identified before they can be tasked by the POD Manager.)

The next 20 minutes consist of:

  1. The POD Manager meeting with the Command Staff to review the organizational chart and identify which staff are being managed by which Command Staff members.
  2. Review Forms being used today and how they work.
  3. Review layout of the POD and how patient flow will work.
  4. Relay any other important information you learned during your “Just in Time” training to your Command staff.
  5. Sign out radios to all Command Staff members, read instructions out loud, and make sure everyone knows how to use their radio.
  6. All Command Staff members have been given folders with everything they need to manage their staff and/or perform their duties. These folders are organized exactly like the staffing section of the POD Manual.

The last 20 minutes consist of each Command staff member meeting with their sections to go over any specific questions.

There is a lot of information to cover in one hour so try to keep on task to assure that it is completed on time. Once everyone is working you will need to go to the Daily Business section and read the Shift Change procedures so that you are familiar with them well in advance.