There are four main areas which need to be addressed during the Activation of a POD

  1. Set-up – Patient flow through the clinic and Parking
  2. Facility – Walkthroughs and Inspections
  3. Personnel – Sign-In, Training, and Assignments
  4. Training – Just-In-Time Training



In a perfect world the Health Department will be sending a set up team ahead of each POD Manager to set up the facility. If this step is not done when you arrive at your site, you may need to add this to your activation steps. If the site has been set up for you, each staff member's packet will already be at their station. If set up has not been completed all of the staff packets and supplies will be stacked in the center of the room.

The easiest way to open a POD (including set up) would be in the following steps:

  1. Assign the first staff member who arrives the job of staff sign in. Give them the sign in packet that has instructions and everything they need. This will free you to do other things. Be sure to give them a thorough briefing as they are the first person POD staff meet upon arrival. This staff member can also start handing out the facility maps to everyone with instructions to set up tables and chairs the way they are displayed on the map. If set up is already complete then staff members can be directed to a specific location to wait for further instructions or go over their staff info sheets.
  2. While staff are getting signed in you MUST walk through the facility with any checklists you are given (see the activation section of the POD manual) with a staff member from the facility. These lists mainly note damage to the structure so that the County is not held liable for it after the event is over.
  3. Once you have checked out the facility it is time to come back to the main room to facilitate the “Just In Time” training for all of the staff members.

All of the steps listed above are written in the Priorities of Activation document which is located in the Activation Section of the POD Manual (just in case you forget).