The POD Manual

The POD Manager will have the POD manual at every facility


  • Have it with you
  • Refer to it for information
  • Pass it on to the next POD Manager at your shift change


  • Lose it
  • Remove items from it
  • Give it to anyone other than another POD Manager

The POD Manual! This is your main reference for running the POD. Depending on how much time we have, we plan to photocopy, package, and label everything before it goes to the POD. It is quite possible that this is an unrealistic goal depending on how much time we have to get all of the PODs open. There is one Master copy of every piece of paper provided to the POD inside the POD Manual. We donít expect you to read every single Job Action sheet and medication sheet! This binder is under YOUR control. If someone is missing something, you can delegate a staff member to go make more photocopies of the item from the POD manual.

Every staff member should have at least one tri-fold Job Action sheet and a facility Map. Some staff members will have extra instructions which explain how to use specific forms or what they should do with patients who come to their station. All of the documents in the binder are filed according to the Command Structure for the POD (which can be identified by the colored chart at the beginning of the staffing section). Example: If you need more copies of the Runners Job Action Sheet it will be located behind the Logistics section since they are managed by the Logistics Section Chief. IF ANYONE IS MISSING AN INFORMATIONAL ITEM PLEASE TASK SOMEONE TO MAKE MORE COPIES. Every County POD location should have at least one photocopier on site!

This binder has all the master forms. Make sure that you give it to the new POD Manager upon transfer of Command to them at the end of your shift.