working with the EOC & DOC

The Emergency Operations Center and the Departmental Operations Center work together to provide expertise and support to all of the PODs as well as the rest of the emergency response. The All-POD Coordinator (the person you report to) will be staffed at one of these locations. Just as the staff at the POD goes through shift changes so do the staff at the EOC and DOC. It is important that you always ask for the All-POD Coordinator when you call the number you are given during the “Just-In-Time” training. Ask for this person by title not name as different staff may rotate through this role.

The All-POD Coordinator may ask you to regularly check in or simply ask you to call them when you need something. It is up to you, as the POD manager to make the best judgment calls about how to effectively run your POD and accomplish the goals of the emergency response.

The All-POD Coordinator is your point of contact for all questions and concerns.