What is a POD Manager?


The staff member who coordinates with the All-POD Coordinator, staff at the facility, and staff at the POD to make sure that the POD functions.

The POD Manager oversees basic functionality of the POD. They communicate information from their staff at the POD directly with the All-POD Coordinator for the County. The All-POD Coordinator will most likely be a representative of the Health Department. The contact information for the All-POD Coordinator will be distributed to every POD Manager at the time of their Just-In-Time training.

To better understand the functions of workers in the POD you can think of staff in the POD like this:

  • Staff at the POD would be equivalent to Line Workers at an assembly plant
  • Command Staff at the POD would be equivalent to Supervisors at the plant
  • The POD Manager would be equivalent to the plant Manager or Owner

POD Managers will be contacted upon activation and told to report to a specific location. At this location you will be given information regarding the health situation as well as an outline of your job description and expected responsibilities. This is known as a “Just-In-Time Training”. Later in this class we will discuss how to perform a “Just in Time Training” for the rest of the staff at your POD. Be sure to take notes so that you have information to give to your staff.