Fill in the best answer to each question below. When you are finished, fill in your contact information in the form below the test questions. Your test will be graded by a Health Department representative. Your certificate of completion will be sent via e-mail (snail mail if no e-mail address is given) provided you pass the test with a score of 70% or better.

If you have previously taken the Introduction to POD Operations class and filled in all of your personal information, you may simply fill in you name and E-mail address below

  1. Command staff are responsible for which of the following activities:

    1. Reporting directly to the POD manager
    2. Supervising staff
    3. Overseeing operations
    4. Tracking the functionality of the POD
    5. All of the above
  2. The Planning Unit Deputy is in charge of which activity:

    1. Volunteer recruitment
    2. Supply management
    3. Data management
    4. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Which of the following should you wear at all times for security purposes?

    1. Vest and Badge
    2. Comfortable shoes and clothing
    3. Your agency's uniform
    4. Personal protective equipment
  4. The Logistics Unit Deputy is responsible for:

    1. Management of equipment, supplies, and adequate staff
    2. Mental Health response to incidents
    3. Overseeing patient flow inside and ourside the building
    4. Staff assignments at each work area
    5. All of the above
  5. All information into and out of the POD goes through the ________________________.

    1. Operations Unit Deputy
    2. POD Manager
    3. Logistics Unit Deputy
    4. Security Lead
    5. Planning Unit Deputy
  6. The Security Lead is in charge of:

    1. Patient flow through the clinic
    2. Re-assigning POD staff at bottleneck locations
    3. Working with the media
    4. Traffic Control/Interior Security
  7. This Command Staff person is in charge of any event from handling broken glass to someone having a small injury to demonstrating the proper method for wearing of Personal Protective Equipment when necessary.

    1. Operations Unit Deputy
    2. Logistics Unit Deputy
    3. Planning Unit Deputy
    4. Press Assistant
    5. Safety Lead
    6. Security Lead
  8. Lead staff members do all of the following EXCEPT:

    1. Oversee general POD staff
    2. Supervise the POD
    3. Report to a Command Staff member
    4. Fulfill a specific function at the POD
    5. Supervise a team
  9. If a member of the Media should happen to show up at the POD site the ______________ will have messages that are available for distribution to the Media.

    1. Safety Lead
    2. Health Department
    3. Press Assistant
    4. POD Manager
  10. The Operations Unit Deputy is in charge of the following stations EXCEPT:

    1. Griage
    2. Medical Screening
    3. Dispensing/Vaccination
    4. Equipment/Supplies
    5. Pharmacy/Medical Consult

In the event of an emergency it is very important that the Health Department is able to contact voluteers with the necessary training to set-up and run its PODs. In an effort to keep this information as current as possible; the Yolo County Health Department has developed the form below. When you have completed filling in the form please click the Send button to send your information to the Health Department's Health Alert Network Coordinator.

First Name: Last Name:

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Home Address: City: Zipcode:

Work Address: City: Zipcode:

Home Phone: Work Phone: Cell Phone:

Numeric Pager: Alpha-Numeric Pager:

Primary E-Mail: Secondary E-mail:

If you have any certifications which may aid in Emergency Response please list them in the field below:

Do you currently volunteer for any other agencies in an emergency capacity? (Example: Red Cross)

Have you previously voulunteered during a disaster? If so When and Where? (Example: Hurricane Katrina, Florida)

Do you have experience coordinating large events? Describe:

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If you use a web based e-mail system like hotmail or g-mail this form may not automatically send. To download a Word version of the form which can be printed or sent as an attachment: Click here for the El-Dorado County form.