Differences In Positions

There are six Command Staff positions.

  • Four of these directly manage staff working at the POD
  • The other two provide a specific function to the POD but may not manage any staff

The Operations Unit Lead will be overseeing the dispensing of medications and general operations flow of the clinic.

The Logistics Unit Lead is in charge of physical items and staff that provide logistical services.

The Planning Unit Lead would be needed if the POD is expected to run more than one day.

The Security Lead is in charge of physical security at the POD.

The Safety Lead is at the POD to assure the safety of all staff and patients.

The Press Assistant is likely to be a person with previous public speaking experience who relays media information APPROVED by the designated Health Department Public Information Officer.

All staff members are given a brochure that describes the job they will be performing along with any forms, questions, or processes they will need to follow. As a Command Staff member you will be given a binder with one copy of everything that has been distributed to your staff. If a staff member has a question, loses their brochure, or thinks they are not capable of fulfilling their duties, this will be your main reference binder to assist them. NEVER REMOVE ANYTHING FROM IT UNLESS PHOTOCOPYING FOR A STAFF MEMBER.

YOU WILL NEED TO GIVE IT TO THE PERSON WHO TAKES YOUR PLACE AT SHIFT CHANGE!!! Keep in mind that this person will need the full binder just as much as you did when you started your shift.