Training & Identification

Just-in-Time Training

The Just-In-Time training is usually given on site, before opening, by the POD Manager. Pay CLOSE attention!! Any staff that miss the Just-In-Time training or staff that come in at shift change will need to be given their own Just-In-Time trainings by you or their leads. Some Command staff members (Safety & Security) may be asked to provide information during the Just-In-Time Training.

Vest, ID Badge, and Radio

Your badge (as a Command Staff member) allows you into restricted areas. Keep it on and visible at all times! Your colored vest is how staff will recognize you. An emergency event is hard and fast paced. It will be difficult for people to remember names. Staff will be able to find you based on this vest color (or whomever is taking your place while you are on break). Always wear it! If you are given a radio, you will need to keep it with you so that other staff can contact you.

Designate An Alternate

Remember it is not your job to stop and fix all problems yourself; but to identify problems, try to find solutions and delegate available staff to help. Use your runners as your arms and legs to get more help if needed. Designate an alternate if you need to leave your position. Remember your team leads will be trying to locate you.

Incident Command Post
The Incident Command Post is an area in the POD where Command Staff can meet, exchange information, and in most cases observe the POD as a whole. It is also the place where staff will be looking when they are trying to find you. Operations and Security Command Staff walk around the POD. Logistics and Planning usually remain at the Incident Command Post. If you must leave your station let a staff member know where you are going and take a radio with you.