Most communications between Command Staff members are accomplished through the usage of radios

Who Gets A Radio?

At a minimum, the POD manager will have a radio to communicate with the EOC/DOC; other POD locations; the Receiving, Staging and Storage Warehouse; treatment and medical facilities; and/or other partner agencies. If more radios become available they will be assigned to the command staff and leads.

Radio Usage and Guidelines:

To use your radio: Hold down the side button for a count of two. You must keep holding button to Transmit message. Release side button when finished.

PLEASE LIMIT USE OF THE RADIO to essential information only.

There will be a “word of the day” determined by security to be used in the event emergency assistance is needed. You will be given this word during your Just-In-Time training

Be careful what you say as conversations may be monitored. Patient confidentiality should be maintained during all radio transmission.

Plan what you are going to say. This will help limit excess use of the radio. When transmitting a message indicate WHO you are, WHAT you need, and WHERE you are located.

Do not use code words - plain language only. Limit the usage of discipline-specific jargon, especially when working during interdisciplinary incidents.

For example, to request help for an injured patient:

  • Incorrect message: "This is the UC Davis POD, we have a 10-37, Code 2."
  • Correct message: “This is the UC Davis POD. We have a patient with life threatening injuries entering the facility.”

If you hear “BREAK”, STOP TRANSMISSIONS- emergency dispatchers are using the channel.