Safety Lead

This person addresses anything that could be considered a Safety hazard. This can be something as simple as taping down a lifted up corner of a carpet so that people donít trip or working with ambulance staff to get appropriate attention for a person having a seizure.

For all injuries on site the Safety Lead has the appropriate paperwork required.

They can be identified by the TAN vest they are wearing

The Safety Lead monitors all aspects of the POD which could be considered hazardous to the safety of the patients or staff. If there is broken glass they clean it up, if someone has a small injury the Safety Lead arranges for medical attention and fills out the injury log, if someone has a major injury the Safety Lead can pause all POD activity while the person is given medical attention.

The Safety Lead is also in charge of demonstrating the proper method for wearing of Personal Protective Equipment when necessary. Addressing issues such as exposure to bio-hazardous materials (i.e. during a vaccination clinic) and how to safely respond are also part of the Safety Leadsí job. Any information regarding how to put on a mask etc. will be provided to the Safety Lead in their packet.

The Injury log MUST be filled out for every injury that happens on the premise. If there are specific conditions that need to be addressed at the Just-In-Time training, they also will be documented in the information given to the Safety Lead so that it can be read aloud to the rest of the POD staff during the Just-In-Time training.