Fill in the best answer to each question below. When you are finished, fill in your contact information in the form below the test questions. Your test will be graded by a Health Department representative. Your certificate of completion will be sent via e-mail (snail mail if no e-mail address is given) provided you pass the test with a score of 70% or better.

  1. A POD is:

    1. Point of Direction
    2. Point of Dispersal
    3. Point of Destruction
    4. Point of Dispensing
    5. Point of Delivery
  2. The purpose of a POD is:

    1. To dispense medication or give vaccinations to large groups in a public health emergency.
    2. To respond to a public health emergency.
    3. To treat people who are sick.
    4. All of the above.
    5. None of these.
  3. The purpose of Command Staff is:

    1. To ensure that all POD staff are assigned a supervisor.
    2. Report to the Lead Staff.
    3. To ensure all POD staff are provided with work breaks.
    4. All of the above.
    5. Only a and c.
  4. The four main areas of set up are:

    1. Traffic Control, Media Relations, Facility Management, Advertisement.
    2. Security, Health & safety, POD Design, Organization of Staff.
    3. Triage, Medical Screening, Treatment, Evaluation.
    4. Sign-In, Staff Assignments, Just-In-Time Training, Documentation.
    5. All of the above.
  5. All of the following are ways to organize a POD except:

    1. Drive-Thru
    2. Express
    3. Triage
    4. Self Screening
    5. Clinical
  6. Statement 1: Red security badges have the most security clearance
    Statement 2: The color of the badge determines your level of access at the POD

    1. Statement 1 is TRUE, Statement 2 is FALSE
    2. Statement 1 is FALSE, Statement 2 is TRUE
    3. Both statements are TRUE
    4. Both statements are FALSE
  7. Ways to maximize down time include all of the following EXCEPT:

    1. Check in with supervisor to request a break to get food or use restroom.
    2. Organize your station.
    3. Re-stock supplies.
    4. Keep work area clean.
    5. Leave your work station if it's not busy.
  8. When you leave the POD, which ONE of the following activities must you remember to do:

    1. Take home any unused materials.
    2. Keep all paper work at your station.
    3. Sign out.
    4. Keep your ID Badge and Vest in case you return.
    5. Clean your area and then leave.
  9. When working within Incident Command as a staff member you should always:

    1. Report directly to the POD Manager.
    2. Report directly to the Command Staff.
    3. Report directly to your lead/supervisor.
    4. Report directly to the Public Information Officer.
    5. Report directly to the Safety Officer.
  10. When are PODís opened?

    1. If a large portion of the population is determined to be at great risk to a contagious disease or other biological agent.
    2. To give seniors and at risk populations their tetanus and diphtheria vaccines.
    3. To give childhood and travel immunizations.
    4. None of the above.
    5. All of the above.

In the event of an emergency it is very important that the Health Department is able to contact voluteers with the necessary training to set-up and run its PODs. In an effort to keep this information as current as possible; the Shasta County Health Department has developed the form below. When you have completed filling in the form please click the Send button to send your information to the Health Department's Disaster Healthcare Volunteer Coordinator.

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