Assets Provided To The POD

The Health and Human Services Agency will provide supplies and medications to the POD. These can include any or all of the following:

  • POD in a Box

    - A set of containers that the Health and Human Services Agency would send to your POD. It contains items like signage, easels, whiteboards, tape, flashlights, extension cords, trash bags, clipboards, pens, highlighters, permanent markers, gloves, masks, and identification vests.
  • POD Site Specific Binder

    - County PODs have preestablished binders of information pertaining to the site including general site information, site contact information, and layout options.
  • Unit-measured medication packages or vaccines

    - All medications will be re-packed by the Receipt Storage and Staging (RSS) facility before they arrive at your POD into individual unit dosages. The POD staff need only distribute.
  • Medical Supplies (if needed)

    - If it is necessary for you to wear a mask or gloves, you can find these items in the POD-In-A-Box. Always follow the wear instructions provided to you by your supervisor.
POD Staff at Work