Staffing Structure

As a staff member you will either be reporting to your Team Lead or (if you are a Team Lead) you will be reporting to one of the Command Staff Personnel (Command Staff Personnel are indicated by colored boxes in the flowchart).

Below is a graphic representation of how the chain of command works in each POD. Each person in the flowchart reports only to the person above them. Any supervisory staff member relays information only to those below them.

Information Flow Chart

Never try to report directly to the POD Manager! This person gathers information from the Command Staff and reports to the Health and Human Services Agency. If you need to deliver information to a Command Staff member, let your Lead know and they will relay the message at their next briefing.

Every person has a station; you should never leave your station without requesting relief from another staff member (this can be done through your Supervisor).

Lead and Command staff members will be responsible for scheduling lunches, breaks, and shift changes. If you have any special needs, please speak to your Supervisor. If you are a supervisory staff member try to be responsive to the individual needs of your staff.