Alert & Notification

The County Health and Human Services Agency maintains web-based communication systems and phone tree call-downs for the specific purpose of activating its PODs. Upon completion of this lesson you will be asked to fill in your contact information for this purpose.

When the Health and Human Services Agency begins to open PODs, you may be called to a specific location to assist. Once you are contacted and agree to participate in POD efforts you will need to:

  • Secure the safety of your family
  • Bring one form of photo identification with you
  • Bring a watch
  • Report to the location given to you by the Health and Human Services Agency representative

There are two main notification areas:

  1. The Facility
  2. The Health and Human Services Agency's contacts at each facility will be contacted by phone and asked to unlock the facility and be available to the POD Manager and/or set-up staff upon their arrival.

  3. The Staff
  4. Staff for each POD will be contacted by phone and given a location to report to. It is very important that you write this information down along with any contact phone numbers just in case you become unable to report for duty.

    Please be aware that you may NOT be reporting to your POD site. In most instances, POD managers will be asked to report to a staging area for a short briefing before reporting to their sites.

If any of your contact information should change; be sure to visit the Information Update page for either Sacramento County or Yolo County on this website so that the Health and Human Services Agency has the most current contact information for you.