Special Considerations

Mental Health Support Services

  • Intoxicated/Disruptive/Traumatized
  • Mentally Handicapped
  • Co-Worker stress
  • Behavioral Screening or anxiety

There will be at least one Mental Health staff at your POD. These people can help you with Intoxicated, Agitated, Disruptive, Traumatized individuals or participants with Access and Functional Needs. They are also very effective in monitoring the Mental Health of workers on site and screening those patients in line for potential problems.

Special Needs

  • Physically Handicapped
  • Elderly
  • Children
  • Non-English Speakers (Monolingual)

Participants with Access and Functional Needs are the responsibility of everyone. If you spot someone who is Physically Handicapped, Elderly, or has a lot of children notify a Runner so that they can offer assistance to that person. There is translation staff on hand for Non-English speaking patients.


Never talk to them!!!


This person will be receiving the latest news from the Health and Human Services Agency and will know what is allowed to be talked about and what is not. If they do not have the answer they can refer the Media to someone who does!

Slow Periods

  • Check in with supervisor to request a break to get food or use restroom
  • Organize your station
  • Re-stock supplies
  • Keep work area clean
  • Communicate with your Supervisor

When there is a break in the patient flow take full advantage of it! Ask for a restroom break or a food break. Request refills of your station supplies and clean your area. Nobody wants to receive medication from a dirty area!

Special Needs Area