When lots of people are in a small place during a stressful situation “something” is bound to happen. It will take the efforts of the entire POD staff (as a team) to make sure that everything runs smoothly!

  • Maintain Line Control
  • Effective line control is a MUST. If you have ever been to an amusement park you have already encountered different forms of extremely effective line control designed to get you to your end destination. Backs of chairs, caution tape, and arrows taped onto the floor are all effective tools.

  • Assign a role for all volunteers
  • Most volunteers will be assigned to your location by the County. However, you may have volunteers show up at your location to "help". Runner positions are very good staffing positions for volunteers, especially since you will not know what that person's qualifications are. If you are a Command Staff member or Lead you will need to work together to make sure that volunteers get an assigned position.

  • Follow chain of command for help
  • If you are experiencing a huge increase of patients at your station, tell your Lead (by way of a runner) and they will work with other staff to resolve it.

  • Be Polite!
  • Lots of patients will be frazzled. Security staff can help you with problem patients. NEVER LEAVE YOUR POST TO GO AND GET THEM!!! Use the word of the day (which will be given to you during the "Just in Time" training) to ask for assistance. Remember to always “Be Nice”; your attitude will directly influence the attitude of those around you.

Effective Line Control