Security & Parking

Every POD site has a specific security plan. This is a very basic plan written jointly by the County Health and Human Services Agency and local Law Enforcement. Be sure to listen to the security staff working that day for any changes to the POD's security plan.

When you arrive at the POD, you will be given a badge with one of three colors on it:

  • Red

    is Restricted Access and is reserved for interior security, law enforcement, and Command Staff
    • Areas with Red Access would include the Incident Command Post, the Public Information Area, and the Medication Storage Area.
  • Yellow

    is Moderate Access and is reserved for POD staff and the media
    • Areas with Yellow Access would include the staff break area, Pharmacy, Mental Health, and First Aid
  • Green

    is Open Access and is reserved for General Volunteers
    • Areas with Green Access would include the POD dispensing area, staff break area, and parking lots

Parking maps will be provided for every POD. These maps have designated areas:

  • Staff Parking should be the farthest away from the POD so that patients have to walk less.
  • Patient Parking should be the closest to the POD and the largest area.
  • Ambulance Parking Is usually the most easily accessible to the POD for quick usage.
  • Bus is a loading and unloading area close to the front door of the POD.
  • Delivery is an area that will be used by a truck to deliver assets to the POD.
  • Pet Area is a fenced in area that pets can be temporarily placed in while patients are in line.
Red Security Level ID Badge Yellow Security Level ID Badge Green Security Level ID Badge