How to Set-up a POD

There are FOUR main areas to the set-up of a POD:

The Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency has already done work regarding all four of these areas for every POD in its contingency.

  1. Organization of Staff - Personnel are being trained and asked to provide methods of contact so that during an emergency we can easily segregate those who have been trained from those who have not.
  2. POD Design - the physical layout of the POD has already been developed in the form of maps. These can be used "as is" by the POD Command Staff or augmented to make the POD run more efficiently.
  3. Health and Safety - has been written and is addressed during the "Just in Time" training. It has special sections regarding the safety of the staff working in the POD as well as ensuring that we follow protocols for safely distributing emergency medications and/or vaccines.
  4. Security - Plans are developed by Law Enforcement for every site and released the day of the event.

Once these areas are set-up, a POD can function for multiple days. It is VERY important that (unless otherwise instructed by the POD Command Staff) you follow any and all written processes very closely. This will ensure that the POD runs smoothly. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and work with your supervisor to make any adjustments necessary to serve the population efficiently.